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Forms Processing

If your company processes large volumes of forms, the chances are you are already looking for an automation solution. Processing forms manually is a very costly and time-consuming effort. Benefit from SmartSoft's advanced recognition technology to automate the business processes within your organization. Reduce the costs and time needed to capture information and transform it into manageable data for databases by fully automating the process of data entry.

SmartSoft's solution for forms processing is affordable, reliable and easy to operate. Automatically recognize various types of business forms and transfer the information to your business system for a fast, smooth and efficient workflow.

Automating form processing saves your organization a lot of money and time and reduces the error rate. SmartSoft Form Recognition technology uses the SmartOCR recognition engine combined with the flexibility of our SmartTemplates dynamic templates technology to extract data fields from scanned and PDF forms.

Dynamic Templates

Our Dynamic Templates technology supports multiple form layouts where the software is able to recognize the right layout template for a certain scanned form. If the document is rotated, offset or zoomed as it usually happens when a sheet of paper is printed and then scanned, the software is still able to recognize the right template.

Data Validation

SmartTemplates features field data types, such as date, currency etc. so complex validation rules can be set up, thus increasing the robustness of the solution. The custom dictionary where the user can add specific terms and names further increases the solution's robustness.

Automatically assess accuracy

For each extracted character the software calculates a confidence level to automatically assess accuracy. Thus for documents with poor quality, for any character that is damaged or blurred the operator intervention can be automatically requested. For critical applications manual verification of data capture is set up through convenient user interface, to further reduce the error rate.


The software supports direct scanner connection through any scanner, both TWAIN or WIA. The documents can also be supplied in PDF or image format.


The extracted data can be saved in a variety of output formats like XML or stored in a database. Direct output to popular accounting and ERP software such as QuickBooks or Xero is also supported.


The SmartSoft Form Recognition Solution is used to extract data from:

  • IRC Forms
  • Invoices
  • Checks
  • Exam Sheets

SmartSoft Form Recognition at a Glance

  • Accurate OCR (optical character recognition) through SmartOCR
  • Batch processing
  • Barcode support
  • Image preprocessing
  • Direct Scanner connection
  • Recognizes and sorts multiple form layouts
  • Multipage forms support
  • Multithreaded processing
  • Various output formats: XML, QuickBooks, etc.
  • Reports confidence levels

Need form extraction solution tailored to your scenario? Our developers can help.