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Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology empowers a machine to automatically recognize characters from an image document through an optical mechanism. OCR has many applications – it can be incorporated anywhere that it is needed to digitize various types of paper-based documents or transform scanned images of text into searchable and editable information.

Smart OCR is a highly accurate and reliable optical character recognition technology developed by SmartSoft. Intelligent layout reconstruction capabilities and detailed, user-updateable dictionaries minimize editing hassles, save time, and deliver a truly unique experience.

From single users to large enterprises - you can benefit from Smart OCR. We offer customized versions of Smart OCR that can perform to your expectations.

OCR Solutions by Business Need

Forms Processing

If you process large volumes of forms, here is an automation solution, which will tremendously ease your work. Processing forms manually is a very costly and time-consuming effort. Benefit from SmartSoft's advanced recognition technology to automate the business processes within your organization. Reduce the costs and time needed to capture information and transform it into manageable data for databases by fully automating the process of data entry.

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Accounts Payable

Use SmartSoft's state-of-the art OCR technology to automate the capture of accounts payable documents, such as invoices or tax forms. Free your employees from data entry tasks and improve your efficiency. With solutions, designed specifically for the purpose of Accounts Payable, you will make significant savings with minimum requirements.

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Documents Archiving

Physical archives not only require a significant amount of space but are also very tiresome and time-consuming to manage. With the help of scanners and the right software solution, you can easily switch to digital document archiving. Capture paper documents and save them to searchable digital images stored on servers, hard drives or in the cloud with SmartSoft's unique technology.

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Accounts Receivable

Do you receive tons of various paper forms each month? Put an end to the clutter and the need for additional employees to manage them with SmartSoft's highly accurate OCR solution. Organize your office, save time and cut down long-term expenses.

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Automatic Document Sorting

For those of you receiving many different types of documents on a regular basis, automatic document sorting is a must. The manual tasks associated with the sorting of contracts, forms, applications, invoices and other document types is time-consuming, takes up a lot of resources and is costly. Implementing SmartSoft's advanced technology for automatic document sorting will greatly improve your efficiencies, enhance the security and control on documents within your organization and ensures a great long-term return on investment.

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