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Integrating SmartSoft solutions with your existing systems is a quick and affordable way to add OCR capabilities that will destinguish you from the competition. We provide OCR, content extraction, scanning, document conversion and creation of searchable documents.

We know that as a Value Added Reseller you need to satisfy the specific needs of your customers. We have long history of colaborating with VARs and undesrand their needs. With those needs in mind we have designed our software to be scalable, and extensible. Using our solutions VARs can reduce cost, reduce time-to-release and reduce maintenance effort while at the same time provide richer functionality to their clients resuting in increased profit.

What sets SmartSoft apart from the other OCR soultion providers is that we understand that your needs are unique and offer any customizations that are needed to fit your specific scenario and to satisfy your customers. We provide support and updates through the life cycle of your product.

As a value added reseller you will get special conditions, quality discounts, will be able to test the solutions and you will receive all the personal technical assistance needed.

For more information just fill in the contact form. Our consultant will contact you with all the information needed.